i used to think i was lucky

I have a friend whose daughter, starting at the age of about 3 (she is now 6) would let out this blood-curtailing-ear-drum-breaking scream. For no apparent reason. Just ’cause. I was thankful I only spent a few hours at a time with her rather than live with her. But still, it would drive me insane how she would scream. “What is wrong with her?” I thought. Even after being told time and time again by her parents to stop screaming, she would still let it go anyway. So, I thought to myself that I was lucky that my girls didn’t do that.
 Until now. 

Alex was sitting quietly on the couch watching TV when out of her mouth came this scream that made everyone in the house including the dog jump. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” What the ****? For no apparent reason. She screams again, then laughs. I guess she found this funny. If blood coming out of my ears is funny; then I guess so. She has started this at the age of 8. Which I have to ask…is she a late bloomer? And even when I or her father ask her, time and time again, to stop screaming? Well, she doesn’t. In fact, I think she does it just to piss me off. Maybe that is the point. 

I once thought I was lucky. I was wrong.


I love this picture. Not sure I will scrapbook it. It’s too cute…Parker hand-washing dishes when out dishwasher broke.

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