vacation time

Heading out to the Great Sand Dunes tomorrow for a few days of camping. I am not sure why people feel the need to camp when a Comfort Suites is perfectly nice. It’s more than nice; there is a pool, a hot breakfast in the morning that you don’t have to cook and a nice soft bed to sleep in. I mean, all the work and packing it takes to plan for camping is exhausting, not to mention the campsite set up, dirt, smoke from the campfire, then take everything down, pack up, clean up… This was my day: Alex had a session with her reading tutor and Parker, for reasons unknown to me, had a throwdown-meltdown. It was so bad I had to take her to the van, put her in her car seat, turned on the a/c and shut the door. I stood watch outside the van. All I can ask is “what the … ?” She will snap in a second over absolutely nothing. It took her a full 40 minutes to get it out of her system. We then went to Target to pick up the last of the camping supplies. More of the same from both girls. Even the promise, er, I mean bribe, of McDonald’s didn’t slow them down. Alex could say nothing except “I want, I want, I want”. I took a sinus/allergy pill before we left the house, but I took a night time pill by mistake, I needed a nap in a bad way. Those pills knock me out every time. The girls have been fighting all afternoon and Alex wonders why we are not going ice skating now? Um, I wonder? Could it be because neither one of you can be peaceful today? We still have a lot of packing to do this evening. I have a feeling today will repeat tomorrow, and the next day, and so on. Yeah for vacations!

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