what have i done wrong…

Last Friday Parker’s daycare had a “spring recital” (translation: an unorganized debacle of 20 or so 3 years olds trying to sing a selection of Disney songs). Anyway, Parker is in the back row awaiting her turn to be moved to the front row to sing with her group. And she’s not waiting very patiently…but then again she is only 3 years old, they had them waiting way too long to sing.

And then it happened… I hear another little girl scream, “PARKER HIT ME!” Now, I can’t see Parker because she is in the back row but I am betting the girl is being just a little bit of a drama queen. Because that is how 3 year olds roll. The little girl goes running/crying/screaming to the daycare teacher… As if it’s not hard enough to hear any of the kids sing in the first place, the little girl continues to scream and cry through the entire song of another group of kids! Nice. You’d think Parker gave her a right hook or something.

That’s my girl.

Later my friend, whose daughter was in the front row the whole time, tells me she has the recital/fist fight on video. She’ll make me a copy.

Thanks, but no thanks.

*I am in no way condoning hitting. I did later, after the recital, get to Parker and make her apologize to the little girl.

2 thoughts on “what have i done wrong…

  1. Ahhh . . . the joys of having a strong, independent daughter.

    Sometimes surreptitious right hooks are thrown.

    Have you met my daughter Kallan?



    Plus also?



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