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Parker with Lily

Last night Alex brought Lily Mouse out to play. She was scratching like crazy. She has sores on her back and is bleeding.


So, I got online to try to figure out the problem…is she going to die or give us all the plague? Neither, actually. It appears she has mites.

Double gross.

I replaced her bedding with a paper/wood mix about 2 weeks ago. (This is not the usual bedding that I purchase, but it was all Target had at the time.) Apparently, mites live in wood.


This is only a guess but I am going with the wood bedding was contaminated. After a trip to Petsmart this morning I find out I need to take her to a vet because they can’t help me. Long story short, I get a vet appointment and she does indeed have mites.

Our $2 mouse cost me $47 in vet bills today. And $15 in new bedding and food because everything has to be thrown out and/or disinfected. I have to treat Lily with a sulfur (nasty) smelling medicine that colors her fur yellow/orange for 4 weeks…or more if it doesn’t clear up.

What I would do to save an animal…great or small!

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