what we did today

woke up. got alex ready for school, dressed, breakfast. got parker out of bed and dressed. took girls to school, my day to carpool. went to office to pick up pay check. bank to deposit pay check. stopped by daycare to pick up book parker left in her cubbie and had to have…right now! sign girls up for swimming lessons. it’s a lottery so i hope we get the classes we picked. went to sprouts to buy blackberries on sale. went to target for groceries. gas in van. run through car wash. straighten up house. hang new art display {see below}. update blog. upload 15 digi layouts to winkflash for prints. fix parker lunch. can i get a nap in today? changed batteries in smoke detectors. wash sink full of dishes because we still can’t afford to buy a new dishwasher. did 1 load of laundry. parker watching movie. i still have to pick girls up at 3. my day just started…

I created an art display area in the dining room today. I used an 84″ cafe rod and curtain hooks with clips to attach to the artwork. I think it looks so cute! Soon it will be full of art projects.

Last weekend we went to the mountains to check out the snow before spring is in full swing. We had to go all the way to Loveland Pass to find any! And, yes, it was cold!

Me, Alex and Parker doing the “tourist thing” and posing in front of the Loveland Pass sign…

Nothing but gorgeous blue skies…

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