have a blessed easter

We tried something different this year…Instead of dying Easter eggs we silk dyed them (see 1 &2). They are gorgeous! (and much less messy too.) You can find the full instructions here: http://www.ourbestbites.com/2008/03/silk-dyed-eggs.html. I found the silk ties at a thirft store for less than $4 each.

Another variation to dying Easter eggs is to wrap rubber bands around the eggs first (see 3 & 4), then dye the eggs, let dry, remove some of the bands, dye again… repeat as may times as you like. I especially like the cross effect that you can get. Here’s a tip: use the wide rubber bands (which we did not have & I think would work better) and be sure to get the rubber bands as flat as possible (we learned that the hard way), twisting at the bottom of the egg where it will be less noticeable. Use cut up toilet paper tubes as a resting place for your eggs to dry between dips in the dye.

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