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This last few months have been so crazy. I haven’t had time to update my blog. Here is a few layouts I have been working on and a logo I designed for Alex’s school for the Elementary level. The concept is to promote their slogan for the Elementary kids. I also designed the Middle School version (although it’s not my favorite).

The girls and I always bake cookies for Christmas (just like about everyone else does this time of year!) but this year was each got our very own apron! Alex got hers when she went to a baking birthday party, I got Parker’s at Target and a client made mine. So cute!

Yep, Alex using my digital camera without asking. She should know better than to leave the evidence on the camera! Can you guess what she got for her birthday? Now she just has to learn to use her new camera.

This is a freebie template I found. I am framing it to showcase some of my favorite pictures that I took from 2009.

Years ago I would take 20 pictures on Christmas Day but now I take very few. This year I only took 4 pictures…I just sat back and enjoyed the chaos!

My little figure skater. She hasn’t decided how far she wants to go in the sport yet but she loves it any day she can get on the ice. Olympics 2018? Who knows. And we are so excited about the Olympics next week…Go Team USA!

My little ham…Grandmaster Parker-P!

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