donut party

Take 2 dozen assorted donuts, stack them up on a cake plate, add a candle…simple as that! You have a donut cake that easily impresses your friends. The small donuts scattered on the table are stickers that I ran out on my inkjet and used a circle punch to punch out and stick on the plastic table cloth. I made some extra stickers to put in the goodie bags. 

Notice the Krispie Kreme donut hat Alex is wearing… I found these on ebay – 16 for $4, including shipping! Each kid got one of these too.

These graphics were found at:

I also used the graphics to make I {heart} Donuts stickers that went in the goodie bags.

Keeping with the theme of  “donut shop” I decorated this chaulkboard advertising “today’s specials”.

 The treat bags were just plain white paper bags with a sticker of the “Alex’s Donut Shop” logo printed on it. Inside the bags was a Cutie orange, I {heart} donuts stickers, small donut stickers and a small package of donuts with the logo sticker
(see below).

Small packages of donuts with an “Alex’s Donut Shop” logo sticker. I bought the donuts at Walmart (12 packages for $3). These were in the goodie bags and also went to school with Alex to celebrate with her classmates.

I designed and printed out these water bottle labels on my inkjet. I used 2 donuts stacked on top of one another to make an “8” since it was her 8th birthday. Just measure around the bottle to get the correct length; make it the height you desire and use double stick tape to attach.

 I also used the same pink donut graphic (found online) and made danglers and large donut cut outs to tape to the walls.

Close-up of the donut cake.

We played the donut game. Tie a donut to a string, attached string something, in this case I used my clothesline, have the kids try to eat the donut without using their hands. It’s funny watching the kids do this. They were all laughing when it was all finished and wanted to play again…but we were out of donuts! There was 16 kids lined up the length of the clothesline.

The invitation I designed using the pink donut graphics.

8 thoughts on “donut party

  1. Oh My Gosh! How creative. LOVE IT! I bet Parker got a kick out of the donut game……she probably would play every day if possible(haha)
    Are you planning a similar party for your oldest child?(Glenn)


  2. Adorable! Thanks for posting such a detailed description. I am having a donut party for my twins’ 3rd bday this month and this was so helpful. You were very lucky to find 16 KK hats for $4 on ebay..they are now listed as $2 for one!


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