’tis the season

Glenn had to put a stop to a little boy calling the house for Alex last night. He had been calling for the last 3 days, 2-3 times each day! And, they’re only 7 years old. I saw into my future at that moment. Glenn told the boy that 8 p.m. was too late to be calling. The boy claimed his parents knew he was calling. Things that make me think “what the…?” Anyway, Glenn took care of it. Alex was upset but she got over it. Alex also had her first cavity filled yesterday. She was so upset that she had a cavity and then she was scared silly about it. But she was brave and once the laughing gas took affect she was good to go. She even told me she wanted some of the gas to-go.  We’ve been busy making homemade Christmas gifts. I will share those later this weekend, but for now here is a layout I did of Parker sitting on Santa’s lap at daycare and also an easy candy recipe that I got from Taste of Home magazine.

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