my sister’s keeper

3728215622_7f75b520c3My Sister’s Keeper.
by Jodi Picoult

Yes, it is also a movie starring Cameron Diaz (love her). No, I haven’t seen the movie. Somehow, like most books I read that get turned into a movie, the book seems to get lost in translation (think Memoirs of a Geisha). So I imagine this one will too. Although I admit I probably won’t be able to resist and watch it when it is out on DVD. The book is deep in emotion. It’s about the choices we make for others, in this case our children, thinking it is the right thing to do when we could be really, really wrong. Beautifully written. The topic of the book is heavy and the ending I never saw coming…so have the tissue nearby.

PS It’s snowing here again in Denver. 8.5 inches so far on my back porch. Thank goodness it’s Sunday and me and the girls can hangout in our pjs all day! Alex woke up with a low-grade fever…just great!


Parker is getting creative holding her sucker between her toes!

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