2 books today

I’ve been on a roll reading books lately. I am still reading the Bible but have to admit I get distracted reading these other books!

by Sapphire
This book is based on the book Push and is now a major motion picture. I read this book in 2 days. I guess I liked it! It’s a heart-breaking story of Precious and all she endures in her short life. Pregnant at 12 by her father, her baby girl has Downs, father sexually abuses her, her mother abuses her, another baby by her father, everyone thinks she is stupid and ready to write her off as a lost cause. She endures sexual and physical abuse unimaginable to most of us and yet she finds her way out; a light in the darkness. Warning: it is very sexually graphic. In the end it is a story of survival, redemption and compassion. A story I won’t soon forget.


riyadhThe Girls of Riyadh
by Rajaa Alsanea
Think Sex in the City meets the Gossip Girls of Saudi Arabian young women; although the sex is implied, and there is no Samantha here. Written as if being told through a series of emails, Riyadh is the story of 4 young women looking for love and freedom in the male controlled world of Saudi Arabia. Someone is spilling all their dirty little secrets via the web! I had a hard time getting into this one. It wasn’t until about chapter 10 that I did so. It took me that long to get emotionally connected to the girls and care about their lives. I found the email response portion that begins each chapter a little catty so I ended up skipping most of it and just read the story of the girls. But once I gave it a chance I it really did enjoy it. It would be a great poolside book.

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