candy hang-over

Halloween is over. I am over the candy. Can I dump it all in the trash without the girls taking notice? Probably not. Even though we had 23 inches of snow this past Wednesday thru Thursday, in typical Colorado style, the snow was pretty much melted by Halloween night. The air was crisp and a little bit windy but not a bad night for haunting. Alex wanted to be a vampire so bad this year (because she is borderline obsessed with vampires). We even had to carved a vampire pumpkin, which the squirrels attacked and ate the fangs. It’s the first year she hadn’t chosen to be something cute. Even her witch costume 2 years ago was “cute”. She did “cute it up” a little with some stick-on bling next to her eyes. Parker was the cutest “butterfly fairy” ever! This was the first year that she really understood the trick-or-treat concept and it didn’t take her long to get into it, running after the older girls and yelling “wait for me!”




The Vampire and the Butterfly Fairy

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