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Annie choiHappy Birthday or Whatever by Annie Choi.

This book is just laugh out loud funny! Annie Choi tells a hilarious story of relationships, family and Korean traditions. The mother-daughter relationship between Annie, an American-born girl, and her mother, a Korean immigrant living in American, is not unlike most mother-daughter relationships with hard-to-met expectations and teenage rebellion. But Annie tells it with biting humor. Annie’s mom has a quick wit and wicked tongue and I found myself laughing. Out loud. Strangers gave me strange looks.

Annie’s recount of her choosing to become a vegetarian in a Korean household was not so much about being kind to animals but more about pissing off her Mother. I too did the same thing as a teenager. However, Annie had much more resolve. I grew tired of the nagging and gave in and ate the damn meat already.

Ultimately this book is about heartwarming relationships between family members, even if they are all Crazy with a capital C. It is a light, funny, enjoyable adventure through someone elses life.

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