stupid things women say

This one involves Roman Polanski. He was and is still accused of raping a then 13 year old girl. After he plead guilty and waived his right to a trail he fled the country 32 years ago. He is now being extradited from Europe to the US. The View host Whoopi Goldberg had this to say of Polanski and the situation:

“I’m sure it wasn’t rape-rape.”

I am not sure I know what rape-rape really means. Do you? I do know an adult feeding a child drugs and alcohol and then forcing sex on that child is rape.

Rape is a crime of violence and control. I know that a rapist not always a masked man who grabs a women off the street, drags her into the bushes and rapes her in the cover of darkness. I know it’s not what the women is wearing that invites the rape to happen. I know that no woman is “asking for it”. I know that sometimes the rapist is in the position of an authority figure, such as clergy, baseball coach, teacher, parent, and even film director. In this case the rapist used his power over another and raped A CHILD THAT IS ONLY 13 YEARS OLD!

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