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Copy-of-nickel-n-dime1Ever feel like you are constantly being nickel and dimed for everything? Take my daughters school for instance. I think it should be renamed the School of Nickel and Dimed Academy. It’s only October 2nd and already Alex has brought home 2 different fundraisers; there is a monthly fundraiser at a local pizza joint; and tonight there is a fundraiser disguised as a carnival. The carnival is where kids purchase tickets to play games for cheap toys that I will throw in the trash next week because I keep stepping on them and say we are raising money for the school. I would rather they just flat out ask me for the money!

School pictures are next week. These are crazy expensive and I have to pay for them sight unseen. I can also order the class picture now, for an extra fee. The school also takes pictures again in the spring and I could order the yearbook at that time too for another $25.

I know there will be one more fundraiser before the end of the year. It’s the big Christmas fundraiser. Cheap gifts with high price tags. My 3 year old, who is only in daycare, brought home a fundraiser catalog in which for $16 I can buy a box of 36 frozen cookies. Now, that’s  a deal!

What is this buy-buy-buy in the name of fundraising teaching our kids?

So, I am putting a stop it this non-stop fundraising. I opt out. I say “stop the insanity”.

I haven’t bought anything from these catalogs. I am not buying pictures that I can’t view before hand. I say “no” to the $16 cookies. I will not purchase any trinkets that I don’t need or want.

I gave Alex $5 for the carnival tonight. I told her, “spend it wisely.” I may buy pictures in the spring since I can view those proofs first. Then again I may not. I will not buy a yearbook for a 2nd grader. There will be no purchasing of the oh-so-cute snowman wrapping paper from the Christmas catalog in this house.

No, this year I am standing firm. Talking tough. Taking a stand. Will I stand strong or crumble under the peer pressure? Only time will tell…

Here is a finished summer digi layout. We made our own summer camp this year.

Stay at home camp-right

One thought on “nickel and dimed

  1. Our school isn’t bad in the nickel and dime area, but what I hate is having all the kids from other schools come knocking on my door trying to sell me those over priced items for THEIR school fundraiser.

    I don’t buy the fall school pictures sight unseen. I do like the more informal spring photos where I get to view them first.


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