road trip part 2

The wedding…

The whole reason for this road trip: Glenn’s niece, Tiffany was getting married to Jason in Baton Rouge. The theme, in one word: McDonald’s. Since the bride and groom met at McDonald’s, and are both now managers, it seemed only fitting. The colors: bright pink and yellow. Also, the bridal party wore brightly colored hi-tops with their name embroidered on the side. Party favors: pink, white and yellow printed M&M’s of the bride and groom. The grooms cake: chocolate with the golden arches on top in yellow icing and Ronald cookies around the side. The brides cake: the best cake ever! The icing looked like fondant (yuk!),but it was just smooth as silk butter cream icing. Heaven on a plate. My hats off the the baker. The ceremony was beautiful with a full-blown sermon at the beginning. If I was disappointed that I had to miss church on Sunday, I didn’t need to worry because I got the sermon on Friday. His sermon was on keeping a marriage strong…just look to Jesus. This surprised me because Tiffany had been raised agnostic. I was also surprised (and happy) to learn she has found her own faith and, together with her new family, attend church. The ring bearer: Tiffany’s 5 year old son, Jody. The flower girl: Tiffany’s 3 year old daughter, Angel. Parker later found a partner-in-crime in Angel when the two were found outside playing in the water fountain soaking wet in their beautiful party dresses!


The day after the wedding we headed to New Orleans. We wanted to check out how the city has been rebuilding since Hurricane Katrina 5 years ago. I have never had a bad experience in the Big Easy until that day! Our first clue should have been the fact that we waited in line to the Aquarium for 40 minutes in the heat. Glenn and I have decided that people are just rude and in a bad mood because it is so hot and humid there. I know of 4 people who left New Orleans in a foul mood! I didn’t take one picture there, that should tell you what kind of mood I was in.


We then headed to Slidell, LA. Glenn spend much of his childhood there and wanted to find his home. On the way we saw so many homes that have just been left after the hurricane. Left to rot and over-grown with vine. It was so sad to see. Glenn’s old neighborhood looked as though it fared well from the hurricane though.

Our time was over in Baton Rouge and we headed to Keystone Ranch (the family ranch) in Albany, TX. In Ft. Worth I stopped to fill up with gas. Once back on the road we noticed the A/C was blowing only HOT air! It was 103 degrees in Ft. Worth and we were now cruising down the interstate in a toaster oven on wheels! Finally, 3 hours later, we arrived at the ranch. The mechanic in town couldn’t fix the car so we decided the next night to pull an all-nighter and drive the 13 hours home to Denver. It was really too hot to run around the ranch much, even after the rain shower. The girls really enjoyed the ranch cats. There were maybe 14 cats in all. They were too fast to get an exact count. Alex wanted to sneak one home with her.


We visited with Harley (Glenn’s brother) and hid kids. His wife didn’t show up…again. But that’s a whole other Oprah for another day. We then headed home. I am thankful it was a safe trip but I am always glad to be back in my own bed!

And thanks to for the frame templates in my layouts above. Check our her blog. She has lots of freebies and beautiful layouts!

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