road trip

Road trip from Denver to Baton Rouge.

Day one: We stopped to take a look at Capulin Volcano outside of Raton, NM. The area between Raton and Clayton, TX  is an 8,000 square mile volcanic field! All these years of us driving to Texas and never have we stopped to take a look. The girls enjoyed to side trip. We hiked into the center of the volcano and saw some interesting flowers and a couple of lizards sunning themselves.

Capulin Volcano

That night we stopped in Childress, TX at a Comfort Inn. The girls only cared that the hotel had an indoor swimming pool. Parker slipped on the pool edge and fell in head first! She can’t swim. Thankfully I was floating nearby and was able to grab her before her head hit the bottom of the pool. I scrapped up my knee because I hit the bottom of the pool getting to Parker.

I grew up on a lake in Missouri and every year the water patrol would come to our school to give us a water safety lecture. And every year they would present a slide show of people who died in the water. I can still see their blotted bodies on the screen in front of the class. Those images have never left my mind. My heart stopped for a good long while after Paker fell in the pool.

Day Two:Natchitoches, LA. Holiday Inn Express. Again, all the girls demanded was a pool. This hotel was beautifully decorated in chocolate and blue. Very contemporary furnishings. The girls loved to jump on the beds. I had to laugh. The suite had flyers all over the room talking about how to conserve energy. You know, turn the A/C off when you leave the room; but the A/C was set to 65 degrees when we walked in. Or, the flyer in the bathroom that read: let the water run for a few minutes to let it warm up. How is that conserving water if you have to let it run for 2 minutes before it is warm? I don’t know. I am sure Holiday Inn has good intentions but what is with the styrofoam plates and cups at the breakfast bar? Those things aren’t biodegradable.

Hotel Road Trip

Stay tuned…more of the road trip to come!

And thanks to for the frame templates in my layouts above. Check our her blog. She has lots of freebies and beautiful layouts!

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