big texas night sky

We’re back from our road trip. I will have pictures and stories of the adventure or misadventure, however you want to look at it, later. We had car trouble along the way (no A/C) and decided to cut our trip short and drive home from Texas to Denver overnight. Texas is 100 degrees in the shade during the day, by 11:00 pm the temp had only dropped to 85 degrees! Since we had no A/C any drop in temp was a good thing.

As I am cruising downing the highway at 11:00 pm. My 2 year old is fighting sleep in the seat behind me. I can see her beautiful face all aglow from the portable DVD player in my rear view mirror. Her angelic face. Her big blue eyes that shine even in the darkness. The smell of the fresh air blowing in from the car window. The stars up in the big Texas sky. Millions of stars. When you live in a big city you tend to forget about stars. I am mesmerize. I turn my attention back to the road. I realize the speed limit is 65 mph at night, not 70. I reset the cruise control. There is a flash of heat lightning in the distance. I pray to our Lord Jesus for a safe trip tonight. Protect my precious family. My beautiful daughters. I count myself very lucky to be so blessed. I thank Him for that. Very lucky.

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