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post itImagine walking into a public restroom (try to forget the smell that always accompanies there toilets)…You finish using the toilet and walk to the sink to wash your hands. As you look up into the mirror to do a hair check you see a post it note stuck to the mirror. On the post it is this message:

“You are beautiful!”

When blogger Caitlin Boyle of Florida left that post it she had only one goal: to encourage one woman to feel better about herself that day.

Later she posted a picture of that same post it message on her blog and asked readers to do something similar and email her a picture of their post it note. Little did she know the inspirational movement she would be creating. She had such an overwhelming response she had to create a new website to house all the posts of post its.

When everywhere we turn the media (TV, magazines, reality show, etc.) are telling women they aren’t good enough…not thin enough…not pretty enough…not rich enough…it does my heart good to see one woman stand up and say “stop”. It’s not true. It’s all a lie. Stop buying into the myth. Women who leave these messages on post its are not only making a stranger feel better but they are also making themselves feel good. Who knows what a difference an encouraging word on a post its can make in the life of someone.

No matter what size you wear…no matter your hair color…no matter whatever…you are beautiful!

Post a note today. Bring a smile to someones face–and yours! Now, if you will excuse me. I have to go to Target to buy some pink post its…


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