faith in creation.

leaf butterlfyThe Leaf Butterfly (also know as the Killima Butterfly) looks like a dead leaf when its wings are closed. The underside of its wings don’t just “resemble” a leaf, or kind-of-look-like-a-leaf; it really does looks like a dead leaf! This butterfly, found in South Asia and East Indies, is so convincing as a dead leaf, right down to the intricate veins in its wings, one wouldn’t even give it a second look if you walked by it hanging on a tree limb. And when the wind blows and the leaves on the tree rustle, so does the butterfly that has landed there. Now, I know this dead leaf act is partly due to the defense mechanism of the butterfly to protect itself from predators; however, it doesn’t always look like a dead leaf. The Leaf Butterfly also shows off its glorious colors of blue with orange in the dry season and violet with orange in the wet season.

Recently, during conversation among friends, the topic of creation vs evolution came up. It’s important to define what we are referring to when we say “creation” vs “evolution”. In regards to “evolution” we are talking about the theory that life arose from primitive organisms over thousands upon millions of years into the life forms we know today vs “creation” being “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

Here is a butterfly that is so complex in design; how could it have evolved from primitive organisms? From what did it evolve and for what purpose?  It is more liking it adapted into this dead leaf disguise to suit its environment. I look around me and I see the complex working of living things on this earth and I just cannot wrap my brain around the theory of evolution. Here is where faith comes into play. Aren’t both basically based on faith?


Faith in what you are reading in science books as truth. Having faith in the scientist who report their theory of evolution as fact. Versus faith in a higher power that created all the animals, plants and humans on this planet. Looking at this butterfly and its glorious design, there is no doubt in my mind that all of us were created.

The word Kallima derives from the Greek word meaning beautiful. And there is a lot of beautiful in the world God created…

Leaf Butterfly-color

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