adultery is acceptable.

Scratch that…it’s expected. Yeah, you read that right. I just can’t get over something a local morning radio host said this morning regarding American Idol winner Kris Allen.

She said that “…as soon as he sees some ‘hot young thing’ on tour his marriage will be over…it will never last.” (Kris Allen has been married for about 8-9 months with 5 of those months spent in the AI competition and away from is new wife.) Thus, it’s expected that he will cheat on his wife. Who could blame him? Fame, fortune, women throwing themselves at him, it’s all for him to take–right? That is what the dj eluded too. So, obviously, according to this morning dj, this married man will cheat. She expects him too, so much so that she has said is marriage is already over.

To assume he will cheat and doesn’t take his vows seriously is insulting! The saddest part is that what she said is more of a commentary on today’s society rather than an attack on Kris Allen’s morals or religious beliefs. Adultery is no longer viewed as shocking–it’s commonplace. Everyone does it. Too many families have been destroyed by it. That makes me very sad.

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