bag of m&m’s

Mother’s Day.

This morning I was greeted by Alex, who climbed into bed with me to snuggle. I love when she does that…as long as it’s not at 1 a.m. & I don’t have to work the next morning. My girls were so excited to give me their Mother’s Day gifts which consisted on a handful of M&M’s in a baggie (which I had to share), a pair of purple flip-flops, and a pink summer robe (strangely, I keep finding in Alex’s room). We attended Church later in the morning with the Darnell’s. We were all bummed with hearing the news that Pastor Stan was leaving the Church. He was elected and accepted the position as Oregon Pacific District Superintendent for the Nazarene Church. Basically, he is now the pastor to the pastors. Pastor Stan is really why I love this Church so much. His sermons are always uplifting, spiritual and entertaining. Sometimes I think he would rather be a stand-up comedian than a pastor because of the jokes he tells. The person delivering the news talked about following your “calling”. A part of me is happy for him and understand that he is going where he is needed (it’s God’s will) but, really, I am sad at the same time. He will be missed and hard to replace.

My little sis called to tell me she is ENGAGED! My sister has a wicked sense of humor so when he proposed she said “no”! Kidding, of course. The poor guy had to have been crushed for a second. I am so happy for her! I guess this means I need to get out to Kansas to meet this guy…before the wedding.

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