easter sunday

Coloring Easter Eggs and Easter Sunday.

I only boiled a dozen eggs this year. No one likes hard boiled eggs to eat and it seems like such a waste to boil more. The girls colored the eggs in about 10 minutes! And then Alex was ready to move on to something else. She is always in a hurry. She wants to know what we are doing next before we are even finished with the project or activity we are doing at the moment. I tell her she has always been that way since the day she was born. I almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time when I went into labor. (Only 4.5 hours labor & delivery total. Impressive, I know!)  She couldn’t wait to get out and get busy doing something!

Parker on the other hand took her sweet time coloring and re-coloring and re-coloring her 5 eggs. All of her eggs turned out green. She is never in a hurry to move on to the next project and to go somewhere. Just like when she was born…16 LONG hours! (That had me asking…what the…)

After church on Sunday we headed to our friends house for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Parker is the only one I got a picture of hunting for eggs. Alex, of course, went racing off to the other side of the yard and she was done before Parker even found a few eggs!

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  1. Hi there! I just recently saw that you commented on my Seek The Lord Sunday post at Moms In The Right. I’ve responded to your comment over there, but thought I’d copy and paste it here also to make sure that you got my response. (I was going to email it to you, but don’t see a way to do so). Here it is:


    Thanks for your comment Cre8ivegirl 🙂

    That IS a confusing passage, isn’t it? I read and re-read it trying to come up with an answer for you. I also did some studying from various commentaries to best understand what was going on. I don’t have all the answers, but I do think I understand better now, and thought I’d share what I’m thinking.

    First – In those times, for Lot to let the guests “come under the protection of his roof” was no small commitment. It was not merely hospitality that he offered..it was expected that the owner of the home protect guests at any and all cost.

    Second – Yes, Lot was considered a righteous man (at least by comparison to the other folks in town, which really doesn’t say a lot given their awful behavior), but that doesn’t mean that he was sinless or perfect. Even David, a man after God’s own heart, had some pretty serious screw-ups! Just because Lot offered his daughters to the crowd, does not mean that it was the righteous thing (or even remotely ok thing) to do.

    Third – Notice the outcome. The angels basically grab Lot by the arm, yank him back into the house, and then supernaturally stop the angry crowd. It’s not as if they said “yeah, take the virgin girls!” 🙂 I have to conclude by their actions, that Lot’s suggestion was his idea alone. It was not of God. It was not something that God would approve of (or the angels would have gone along with it).

    I hope these notes are helpful for you. I’d love to work through any other questions you might have – it’s really interesting and helpful for me too 🙂 If you have more, please comment at my regular blog, http://www.CalledBlessed.com, since I don’t regularly check the comments here at Moms In the Right.

    Thanks again for your comment.



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