how can a man have a baby?

Kids say (and ask) the darnedest things…Glenn was watching “Entertainment Tonight” and the story about the “Man Who Had A Baby” came on – with my sweet-innocent-angel-eyed 6 year old standing right there! “Mommy, how can a man have a baby?” Oh crap! Think quick… This is a conversation I did not want to have. “Well, sweetie, he was actually born a she, but felt like she should have been a he. She now looks like a he but is still really a she. So, therefore she, I mean, he, can have a baby.” Okay, now I am dizzy. To which she answers, “Okay (sigh) I don’t understand that.” And she walks away. What ever happened to a simple question like “Why is the sky blue”? At least that I can answer.

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