Gratitude Journal

This is my continuous list of thankfulness (Eucharisteo), my 1000 Gifts Gratitude Journal.  I am working my way of to 1,000…because we all need more thankfulness, recognize His gift, big and small, in our life.

  1. Thankful for my 14 year old Beagle, Bailey. She got her blood results back yesterday. Not good. There is something wrong with her liver. Her Cushing’s levels are too high. Could be a combination of the Cushing’s disease and old age. We are trying a new drug that is FDA approved. It’s a wait and see right now. We will check her blood results again in 3 months. (She was a Valentine’s gifts to me from my better half.)
  2. Thankful for this glorious day God has made. “Today is the day…” The sunrise out my back window the day after Daylight Savings Time was truly glorious. A reminder that even though DST really stinks, there is beauty in it.
  3. Thankful my daughter, Alex,  has many friends with different interests. It’s good to have friends to have fun with.
  4. Thankful my daughter, Alex, enjoys her Brownie Troop. Today they got their face painted. Alex enjoys that very much.
  5. The Lord provided us this week with unexpected money coming in because He knew that I would need a $500 deposit for Summer Daycare Camp. (Yes! $500…He knew before I did.)
  6. Freshly picked tulips from my own backyard. They grow gloriously every year and I don’t have to do a thing.
  7. The unbridled laughter of my 4-year-old.
  8. Smooth mornings with the girls.
  9. An easy to pull out splinter from Parker’s foot.
  10. The soundof my girls getting along, showing empathy for one another.
  11. Wide smiles.
  12. Holding off dinner to splash in fresh rain puddles.
  13. Morning breakfast in little tummies. “Bacon makes me happy,” says my oldest daughter.
  14. Rain sinking deep into the earth…nourish.
  15. Big white puffy clouds in the sky.
  16. Guidance to stay calm as the storm named Alex rages on…and on.{Stay calm and carry on.}
  17. Because He died for my multitude of sins.
  18. Sweet little fat bird sitting on a fence post.
  19. Busy days. Even if they drive me crazy with too much to do and not enough daylight.
  20. My 9-year-old still climbs in bed with us in the middle of the night. This means she isn’t too grown up yet…even if  I wake with a headache from poor sleep.
  21. For being able to help out friends with babysitting to make their day a little less stressful.
  22. A perfect birthday. Low key and no stress…just what I wished for.
  23. Freedom to worship the religion of my choice.
  24. Breathing in nature at the lake.
  25. “Today is the Day” by Lincoln Brewster.
  26. Hour long walk.
  27. Friends to guide me through the secret world of competitive figure skating.
  28. Flexible bosses.
  29. Cute rabbit allowed me to take his picture.
  30. $9 in my purse for the homeless mother and her 2 small children on the corner.
  31. Sleeping in until 9am.
  32. Sweet little bee letting me take his picture-close-up. Say “cheese”.
  33. My mom.
  34. Dinners al-fresco on the back patio.
  35. Long walks after dinner.
  36. Flipping burgers on the grill in the pouring rain.
  37. Free acupuncture treatment by a friend.
  38. My little sister’s encouraging words.
  39. Woohoo’s from Parker at gymnastics.
  40. Great books that make you think.
  41. My expired driver’s license. I went to the bank to cash a check. The teller tells me that she can’t cash the check because my driver’s license has expired. What? This is news to me! My first thought (right after “why didn’t I get a reminder in the mail?”) was, “Ugh! I don’t want to put this on my to-do list today!” Then I remembered the trick I learned from the book The Chocolate Diaries – replace the I have to on your to-do list with I get to and the task won’t seem as daunting. And then I remembered something else: a story I read in the newspaper this week. A woman was jailed for several days  in Saudi Arabia for driving…never mind that she didn’t have a license either. Women aren’t allowed to drive at all! It’s all a part of control-thy-woman-culture in Saudi Arabia. So, today I am thankful that I got to get my driver’s license renewed…and it was only mildly painful waiting in line.
  42. School is outno more homework! Summer vacation is here!
  43. Glenn doesn’t notice the house is dirty.I know he doesn’t notice because if he did he would pick up a broom once in a while!
  44. Chasing the girls with a water hose around the backyard…I almost got them!
  45. Smart Cow Yogurt Baryummy!
  46. Finding roly-polies in the summer.
  47. The large shade tree in our front yard.
  48. $27 in rolled change plus $25 from the sell of  the porch swing on Craigslist to buy cereal for the food bank.
  49. The kids washing my mini van even though I had to help.
  50. Beautiful sunset view at the park.
  51. Vacation Bible School all week long!
  52. Dinner picnic at the park.
  53. God answers prayers!I don’t need an expensive brake job on the van.
  54. 19 boxes of cereal delivered to the food bank.
  55. Parker blowing me kisses all the time.
  56. 14 wonderful years with my Beagle, Bailey.
  57. I was able to be with Bailey in her last moments on earth.
  58. The caring staff at PetsVet.
  59. IN FT. WORTH: Stealing a few moments in the hotel stairwell to play with a Slinky with Parker.
  60. IN FT. WORTH: Watching Alex have an evening talk with Grandma Mary.
  61. IN FT. WORTH: Running down the hotel hallways with Alex riding the baggage cart at Springhill Suites.
  62. IN FT. WORTH: Shopping at Claire’s with Alex at Grapevine Mills.
  63. IN FT. WORTH: Alex crying when her cousins said “goodbye” to head home after the Flinn family reunion. She misses them so much!
  64. A 4-year-old and her pig-tail braids.
  65. Huge white Oriental lily in my backyard.
  66. Taking long summer walks with Parker. And she actually wants to go!
  67. Seeing the glory of God’s creation in a sea of mountain wildflowers.
  68. Sleeping in my comfy bed. Safe and sound. Something we take for grated.
  69. I am thankful that Ron is now home. He is no longer in pain. I bet he is smiling.
  70. Seeing my Mom after 3 years away. Even if it was to come home to say goodbye to Ron.
  71. My hubby picked up the girls from daycare and summer camp today without being asked because he knew traffic was a mess on my commute.
  72. Acupuncture treatment.
  73. Unexpected money that has gone into Alex’s skate fund. Good thing because her competition skates are going to cost around $450! I didn’t know how I was going to pay for them and the lessons with the coach and everything else that goes with it.
  74. A busy husband. Even though he hates being this busy at work it means he is “wanted” by people to do their landscaping. It’s better than sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.
  75. 16 years of marriage (Sept. 9th). When marriages are falling apart around me, or marriage is still going. It’s not always the best. It’s stressful at times and it’s hard. But nobody said it was easy.
  76. President from RMFSC called to ask if I could Chair the Newsletter Committee. Yes and Yes, please! I have been pretty stressed about fulfilling my required 10 hours of volunteer time to the skate club. Whew! He answered my prayers. Now, please Lord, don’t let it stress me out. Thanks, Amen.
  77. The Wild Animal Sanctuary. These people have a heart for animals and are rescuing tigers, lions, bears and more that are abused around the world. They are looking out for God’s creatures.
  78. As September 11th approaches I am thankful we, as a nation, have not forgotten. We must never forget!
  79. Glenn taking Alex for a ride in the Charger to water plants on a job site. Even though I had to ask him to do it. It’s good for him to take his daughter for a little bonding time. Men forget the importance of this sometimes. These are things she will remember when she gets older.
  80. Three days off to relax! That is just what we did too. We all slept in every morning!
  81. Crisp morning air with promises of autumn.
  82. Skating at the ice rink with my 2 daughters.
  83. Dinner with friends.
  84. IKEA with a friend. It was just good to get away and not do anything for anyone but ourselves. Then lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum!
  85. “Ridin’ the storm out, waitin’ for the thaw out…On a full moon night in theRocky Mountain winter…And I’m not missing a thing…Watchin’ the full moon crossing the range…” {REO Speedwagon}
  86. Watching “Goosebumps” movie with Alex…even if it gives me nightmares.
  87. Autumn. Glorious color around every turn.
  88. Mountain drives. Wish I lived in the high country.
  89. Waterfalls in the mountains.
  90. My DSLR for taking breath-taking photos.
  91. Lawyers. For helping Glenn get Ed’s estate settled.
  92. Friends (new and old) to jump in and help with the passing of Ed Stevenson.
  93. For the years that I had the pleasure of knowing Glenn’s best friend from high school. Ed, you will be missed dearly.
  94. Gorgeous autumn colors. I love to see the gold, red and orange leaves gently laying around the base of a tree. It’s like they have an autumn blanket wrapped snug.
  95. Thor and Rocco. I was really stressed about getting these dogs (had to get acupuncture to bring some calm) but they are really great dogs. Very loving to the girls and Parker finally will pet and love on Thor. He weighs 85 lbs! The girls (especially Alex) has taken a liking to Rocco. He is the perfect size…10 lbs. of poodleness.
  96. A hard skull. I had a bit of a head injury rough-housing with Parker. I cracked my head open on the corner of her bookcase. There was a lot of blood and a bump on the back of my head. Thank goodness our skulls are a hard shell!
  97. The view of a beautiful rainbow from my backyard.
  98. The generosity of a friend, Ed.
  99. I made the mistake of watching the reality show Monster-in-Laws on A&E. I am so, sothankful that I do not have a mother-in-law like some of these people! I love my mother-in-law. She is an inspiration and raised her children well. She is loving and caring. She has never interfered in our marriage or my way of raising our children. I am blessed.
  100. Mom here for the first time in 9 years. Finally she can travel.
  101. Mom’s burden is lifted.
  102. Shopping at the mall. Silly, but I never get to go. And we only shopped at Justice and Claire’s but it was better than nothing.
  103. My 5-year-old telling me I am beautiful.
  104. I am thankful I didn’t get bit by the Black Widow I found in my office today! It was huge.
  105. New warm gloves.
  106. Busy days.
  107. 4 days off from work. Hopefully spending a nice day with hubby.
  108. Christmas M&Ms.Yum!
  109. Seeing my old friend Bob Davis.
  110. Laughing at work.
  111. “…the closest thing to heaven anywhere is a quiet (almost) Christmas morning in the Colorado snow.” –Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. And it is!
  112. A night out, okay, 2 hours out, with hubby to Christmas shop.
  113. Sleeping in for 4 days straight.
  114. Snow day…12 inches total. It will be a White Christmas.
  115. Giggling with my daughters, especially my 9-year-old; she doesn’t laugh with me much anymore 😦
  116. Hearing from my good friend, Sandy.Finally, girl!
  117. 60 degree day in January.
  118. 88¢ blackberries in winter.
  119. Fierce blinged-out collar for Rocco from Kathleen.
  120. Awe-some sunrise. God out did Himself today.
  121. Making couscous for the girls and they loved it. Add that one to the yes-food list.
  122. I had the privilege of knowing Kari. She was a great friend, co-worker and boss. I will miss her terribly.
  123. The first sounds of birds chirping on a brisk February morning. Could it be an early spring?
  124. Bubbles under frozen water puddles.
  125. Weights being lifted off with the decision to leave work & stay home with the kids this summer. Thankful we are fortunate enough to be able to do so. So thankful.
  126. Orange tulips in a cool black pot.
  127. Orange tulips in early morning glow.
  128. Hiring Liz to come back to work even though she can drive me crazy. As I know I drive her crazy in return. At least we share the crazy.
  129. Spring birds chirping in the morning.
  130. Seeing a herd of deer at the Ranch.
  131. Rabbit in the front yard.
  132. No more working in the print shop.
  133. Baking cookies without small hand to help…sometimes I just need to bake alone.
  134. Quiet time outside in the backyard.
  135. Finally, the exterior of the house is finished. And it looks awesome!
  136. Thankful for help finishing the house.
  137. Lowe’s. What color to paint the rockers?
  138. Laying Ron’s ashes to rest.
  139. Spending time with family.
  140. Fresh air.
  141. Good sermon on Sunday morning.
  142. Generous family.
  143. Luxury of travel.
  144. Iced sugar-free vanilla coffee on a Monday morning.
  145. Morning walks.
  146. Snuggling with Alex on a Sunday morning.
  147. First day of school.
  148. New school supplies.
  149. Less stress.
  150. Frolicking squirrels.
  151. Whoo-hoo of an owl in the morning.
  152. 59 photos free photobook.
  153. Lazy days.
  154. Fall is in the air. Doors and windows open. Fresh breeze.
  155. My 10-year-old wanting to hear everything about September 11th. Why? Who? Very touching watching the videos with her.
  156. Police finding Jessica Ridgeway’s killer. God help him.
  157. First snow of the season.
  158. Photographing the snow in the high country.
  159. 5 beautiful deers in the mountains.
  160. Quiet day with my camera.
  161. Modern medicine.
  162. Fat squirrels in the park.
  163. Motrin to bring down my 6-year-olds fever.
  164. Lazy Saturday mornings.
  165. Friend to teach me to make jam. And some did not set up so now she gets to teach me to remake it!
  166. Gifts bought for those in need.
  167. Giant spiderweb lit up with Christmas lights reflections.
  168. The smell of sugar cookies baking.
  169. Sprinkles everywhere.
  170. Cold nights walking in Christmas lights.
  171. Manual setting on DSLR to capture the wonder of lights.
  172. Sweet friends.
  173. No fighting…for a day.
  174. Ice on a river.
  175. Reflections of Christmas lights on icy water.
  176. Illuminated bridge.
  177. A few hours of photographing ice skaters.
  178. A white Christmas
  179. Christmas: friends, family, food
  180. Quiet days with the kids
  181. Goofiness.
  182. “It’s our wild desire to protect our JOY at all cost that smothers our JOY. Like a flame needs oxygen, JOY needs an open hand.” #1,000 gifts. My word for 2013: JOY
  183. Wednesday night with Top Chef.
  184. “Joy is God and God is joy. Joy doesn’t negate all other emotions; joy transcends all other emotions.” #1,000 gifts.
  185. A day to take down the Christmas tree and decor…alone.
  186. The girls getting along all day while I was down for the count with a nasty head cold.
  187. Waking up without a throbbing headache from a cold…thank you Lord.
  188. Frozen water making icicles.
  189. Caring people to offer help for my niece.
  190. Good doctors looking out for Mary D. and hubby.
  191. Great friends to step in and help when we need it…and boy, do we need it!
  192. Awesome fried chicken at Wishbone.
  193. Birds chirping on an unusually warm day.
  194. Big hugs from my girls.
  195. An eleven year old who still says proudly, “I love you Mommy!”
  196. An eleven year old who still wants a Mommy and Alex date.
  197. Glittery snowflakes.
  198. Neighbors and friends bringing yummy goodies…we are so blessed.
  199. Freedonuts at Lamar’s.
  200. Craft day.
  201. Parker’s wonderful teacher.
  202. The girls laughing together at the airport.
  203. Pizza with friends then watching “The Bible” on TV together.
  204. God’s creatures…our new hermit crab.
  205. Snow days.
  206. Father/Daughter dinner and dance. It’s good for the girls to have “daddy time”.
  207. Hot fudge sundaes at Dairy Queen.
  208. Joy ride in the Charger.
  209. goofiness.
  210. Lap dogs (aka Luther on Mary’s lap).
  211. Leaving surprise pansies on neighbor’s porches.
  212. s’mores.
  213. cleaned up backyard.
  214. Landscaping is finished in the backyard.
  215. The mountains
  216. Mountain flowers and waterfalls.
  217. Money for school supplies.
  218. School is starting soon.
  219. Sweet duck at the lake.
  220. Friend to drive to the mountains with.
  221. Fresh mountain air.
  222. November 1 : 3 gifts eaten  / Larmar’s chocolate donuts / cockpot potato bacon soup / breakfast for dinner
  223. November 2: 3 gifts worn / winter coat / Halloween costumes / gloves on Halloween night
  224. November 3: 3 gifts that start with N / sewing Neighbor / Nighttime / November
  225. November 4: a gift gathered, given, good / food bank donation
  226. The Gift of Light
  227. The Gift of Life
  228. The Gift of Joy
  229. November 5: 3 gifts as small as a acorn (or “it’s the little things”) / crescent moon / the sound of a 7-year-old singing joyfully in the backyard, as if no one is listening / ooey-gooey hot cinnamon rolls
  230. November 6: 3 gifts of government /My approval rating is at an all time low right now; I am hard pressed to to find 3 gifts of the government but here we go… Chris Christie (the future of the Republican Party) / freedom (because they do defend it when they are not trying to tell use how we should live our life) / Well, that’s all I’ve got…
  231. November 11: 3 gifts of verse/ 1 Corinthians 10:30-31 / Ecclesiastes 3:10-12 / Genesis 3-5
  232. November 16: A dog named Rocco, weighing 9 pounds and without an ounce of house training. The other dog is an 85 pound black lab with an uncontrollable, intense bark, appropriately named Thor. These dogs have become a part of the family.
  233. November 18: a gift made, shared, passed on/ quilting gifts all day / creamy pumpkin pie / clothing donations to be passed on
  234. November 19: 3 gifts of autumn / golden sunrise / squirrels stealing pumpkins / crunching leaves under foot
  235. November 20: 3 gifts of tradition / display of giving thanks / writing gift wish list / family ancestry for class project to share a family tradition
  236. November 21: 3 family gifts / sweet hugs and kisses / laughter / movie night
  237. November 22: a gift grateful / grateful for all blessings, large and small
  238. November 23: 3 gifts only in Christ / truth / light / love
  239. glittery snow
  240. warm boots
  241. fuzzy socks
  242. Bible study
  243. ice cream cakes
  244. Freshly groomed poodle
  245. Blessing to a tiny baby in ICU
  246. new friends made
  247. New job for G
  248. The first tweets of Spring
  249. Planning a wedding/vacation
  250. Gift certificate won for car repair
  251. First signs of spring in the backyard
  252. Warm sand and salt water
  253. No rain for wedding
  254. Safe travel
  255. New members of the family
  256. Sleeping in, lazy summer days
  257. Adorable puppies that make me smile
  258. Free Starbucks
  259. Back to work
  260. Crisp autumn air with morning rain
  261. Long walks with Rocco
  262. Daisies along the side of the freeway
  263. Afternoon autumn rain
  264. The ER, because at least it’s not a 3rd world ER!
  265. Framily
  266. Framily to pick up the slack when we have emergency
  267. Love and Logic
  268. School counselors
  269. Hard lessons learned before it’s too late to learn them with a soft place to fall
  270. Stunning sunsets, and sunrises
  271. Fat spider spinning a web
  272. Little walk in the park with Parker
  273. Girls making breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast
  274. Sweet curls in P’s hair
  275. Hearing laughter of tween friends
  276. Seeing a friend that was lost
  277. Craft day with girls creating fun
  278.  Crisp nights
  279. #30Things | One thing worth it’s weight in gold: Neighbors taking pity on us for Thanksgiving dinner after Glenn’s surgery.
  280. #30Things | One thing lost, then found: I thought I had lost some pictures I took last Christmas, then found them in the most unexpected place. Why did I put them there?
  281. #30Things | One thing restful: Doing nothing on a Saturday afternoon.
  282. #30Things | One thing that nurtures my soul: Sleeping in! Seriously, all.week.long.
  283. #30Things | One thing in Him: He works in great & amazing ways…connecting myself and a like-minded blogger friend, who lives half way around the world.
  284. #30Things | One thing orange: It’s more coral, but in the orange family. This scarf.
  285. #30Things | One thing received: An anonymous donor to my Small Seed Bibles for South Asia campaign.
  286. #30Things | One thing given: Operation Christmas Child boxes filled and delivered.
  287. #30Things | One thing crafted: Christmas quilt wall hanging (it’s almost finished, anyway).
  288. #30Things | One thing found in the morning light:Chihuly glass here.
  289. #30Things | One thing said unexpected: An old friend came to town, friendship missed.
  290. #30Things | One thing encouraged: My girls’ awesome teachers.
  291. #30Things | One thing that made you smile: My new little work space…no more working spread out on the sofa.
  292. #30Things | One thing answered: Unexpected freelance work.
  293. #30Things | One thing so small I almost missed it: The frost on an autumn leaf.
  294. #30Things | One thing savored: Crockpot full of chili on a very cold day.
  295. #30Things | One thing sung:“Greater” by MercyMe.
  296. #30Things | One thing reminding me to have faith: Read on Twitter…”Get out of the boat and have faith.”
  297. #30Things | One thing about you: My body, although not perfect, perfectly me.
  298. #30Things | One thing a blessing in disguise: Not sure I can answer this one…maybe the blessing in disguise hasn’t revealed itself yet.
  299. #30Things | One thing autumn: The trees looked on fire with orange reflection of the sunset.
  300. #30Things | One thing in verse:Philippians 4:6-7
  301. #30Things | One thing gentle: Parker’s hugs just when I need it. The gentle way she brushes my hair out of my face.
  302. #30Things | One thing spouse: How hard working my hubby is.
  303. #30Things | One thing when I looked up: The clouds coming out of IKEA.
  304. #30Things | One thing at work: Well, there are 5 people at work that rock!
  305. #30Things | One thing in my kid: Parker for her fashion sense.
  306. #30Things | One thing of my choice: One thing in my other kid: Alex’s kindness to friends.
  307. #30Things | One thing of my choice: Cheesy chick-flicks.
  308. #30Things | One thing of my choice: Looking down at a stone path that was art under our feet.
  309. a job offer.
  310. a counter offer to stay in my old job.
  311. a guardian angel watching out for a printed job…yes, there are printing Angels!
  312. things falling into place that I hadn’t thought they would.
  313. Spending time with my mom in South Dakota.
  314. More hours at work even though I have less time to write.
  315. Sleeping in.
  316. The, getting up to a quiet house for a little writing time.
  317. playing board games with the girls and it doesn’t end in tears (shocker)
  318. The sound of a mountain creek at the cabin
  319. Spending time reconnecting with lit bro.
  320. Finding out that I am not the only one in the family who suffers from anxiety…it’s oddly comforting.
  321. Red carpet in the cabin
  322. Buzzing hummingbirds
  323. Parker making fast friends with “cousins”
  324. Changes at work…not sure if they will be good or bad yet. Trusting God on this one.
  325. Friend stepping up to help with carpooling. So awesome.
  326. School starting again.
  327. Lists
  328. Glory of the Lord in nature (Alberta Falls)
  329. Sharing in tattoos with lil sis and bro-in-law
  330. Sharing in friend’s joy of her upcoming marriage (Sandy)
  331. Little chipmunks
  332. Herd of elk
  333. Mountain fresh air
  334. Bonding with family
  335. Lazy weekends
  336. glorious sunsets over mountains
  337. stress-free birthday party
  338. one awesome little girl turning 9. She is a blessing in my life
  339. prime rib dinner for 12
  340. good friends to share a good meal with even if our house is too small for 12 and there isn’t enough ‘good’ China for all 12
  341. help with kitchen clean up
  342. cheesecake…’nough said
  343. snuggles with Alex @13
  344. sleeping in late…really late
  345. gift card
  346. snuggles with parker
  347. garlic knot for dinner
  348. finalizing of a freelance logo that was very frustrating and may have cause tears
  349.  nobody got into a fight at work today
  350. dinner was ready when I got home from work today
  351. glorious sunset as leaving work
  352. good laughs at work filled with laughs and dreams…what would you do if you won $1.6 billion? Share with family, share with those in need (GFA & food bank), daydreaming about buying an RV to travel the USA
  353. lots checked off the to-do list
  354. parkers fashion designs
  355. clean bedrooms
  356. smooth commute to work even though I had to take I-70
  357. good laughs from a book I am reading
  358. parker tight embrace and smile…she is a light!
  359. philippians 4:6-7
  360. traffic was smooth enough that I made it to the second half of Alex’s basketball game
  361. grateful I didn’t do more than flip someone off in traffic…I hate rush hour, rude and mean drivers!
  362. hair color to cover gray
  363. glorious Rocky Mountain view
  364. movie night with family: the martian
  365. Grateful Jessica is doing well and not suffering serious medical problems
  366. grateful Anthony’s surgery went well also
  367. church sermon
  368. parker reconnected with a friend she doesn’t get to play with often enough
  369. new craft supplies
  370. bing watching “cutthroat kitchen” with girls
  371. spending time with Alex…makes me happy
  372. writing…makes me happy too
  373. at least I did t cry at work today
  374. thankful we have food for lunch, not everyone is so blessed
  375. hanging out watching tv with kids
  376. thankful for Shelby and Liz having my back when I came down with a case of montezumas revenge on a day when a huge project needed to be worked on
  377. thankful Parker’s eye wasn’t seriously injured….just a scratch.
  378. free soda at the convenience store because of the nice lady behind the counter.
  379. thankful Alex and Jack didn’t get into more trouble at the lake.
  380. grateful for the park ranger who showed grace to Alex but also taught her a lesson.
  381. evening sunset at the Lake.
  382. spending a few days in MO.
  383. hillbilly flea markets.
  384. honesty from mothers who I didn’t think would be honest.
  385. mothers having each other’s back.
  386. a new friendship formed.
  387. school has started!
  388. summer was hard, grateful it’s over.
  389. action coach
  390. a day quilting
  391. finishing a quilt to gift
  392. mama bear rachel
  393. near miss of serious car accident
  394. everyone okay in a fender bender
  395. homecoming game with friends and a win
  396. gaming club
  397. twinkle lights in the backyard
  398. Prime rib dinner with friends
  399. help with kitchen clean up
  400. snuggles with alex
  401. finalizing freelance logo that was very trying
  402. dinner fixed by glenn
  403. glorious sunset as leaving work
  404. good work day with laughs
  405. sleeping in late
  406. gift card shopping
  407. snuggles with parker
  408. garlic knot for dinner
  409. clean bedrooms
  410. hair color
  411. Rocky Mountain view
  412. family movie night…the martian
  413. jessica is doing well after a diabetes medical emergency
  414. church day
  415. binge watching cutthroat kitchen with alex
  416. apending time with Alex makes me happy
  417. lunches at work
  418. clean walk in closet
  419. new wall art: house rules
  420. colorado blizzard: grateful I didn’t get into an accident, only stuck in snow
  421. grateful Dave helped me dig out
  422. will’s spinal surgery went well
  423. our front porch for sitting
  424. the sound of crickets every night
  425. popsicles in the fridge
  426. project runway
  427. mountain retreat
  428. brakes fixed on mini van

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